Our award winning Belgian Brewer created this limited edition Triple Hop Blond that will really turn heads! The innovative yet respectful flavours of the three hops: Simcoe, Magnum and Green Bullet, give the beer its characteristic punch, guaranteed to put a hop in your step!

The contrast between the spice and the sweetness of the candied sugar really shows off the complexity of this 6.5% ABV ale. Rounded off with a medium-dry finish and you’ll be grinning with joy that you chose this beer!

The name, “Head Turner” evolved from the description of the beer: blond, complex, spicy… very much like a tall attractive blond – who will definitely turn heads! A loose connection, we know, but once you try this beer, you’ll keep going back for more! A 750ml bottle will set you back £10 and will come in a lovely Head Turner box that you can easily carry home!

Limited availability – come and check them out!