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Whether you’re coming to enjoy a meal with friends or a quick drink after work, soak up the atmosphere and take your time to choose from our fantastic selection of great beers, wines and spirits, and browse through our delicious beer-matched food menu. However you decide to use Brewhouse & Kitchen you will be assured of a great time.

We love Wilmslow and all that live and work around our beautiful pub. That’s why we’ve named our own beers after the great and the good of Wilmslow, past and present. Every pump clip tells a story…… from our American Pale Ale ‘Secret Genius’ named in honour of Wilmslow’s most notable past resident, Alan Turing, or enjoy a pint of Lindow Pete, a rich, chocolatey Porter aptly named after Lindow Man who has given historians an inside into life 2,000 years ago.

We have a great selection of beers with many different seasonal choices along with a wide range of draught and bottled beers and excellent wine by the glass or bottle.

Our Menu offering boasts some great pub classics, all with a Brewhouse & Kitchen twist, and each comes with a fantastic beer and food pairing recommendation, to further intensify the flavour.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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Brewhouse & Kitchen brews. Brewed right here on-site in our microbrewery!

Bollin Ruby

Session Bitter

An easy drinking, traditional session bitter, brewed with lots of crystal malt for caramel flavour and extra body and balanced with the finest British hops We had to name our traditional, caramel session bitter with its ruby red colour, in honour of the first born calf of 2016 for the Bollin Valley Partnership herd of Longhorn cattle. Born on 9th January Bollin ‘Ruby’ is the most adorable calf and certainly measures up to her pedigree status. Ruby and her herd can be seen grazing throughout the Bollin Valley.


Stouts & Porters - Smoked Porter

The 1st EP of local band The !975 is our inspiration for the name of our dark and smoky, Winter Porter. Much like the band’s mantra in that they want to produce music that ticks every single one of your boxes’, we feel the same way about our beer.

Fustian Cut

English Style Ale - Single Hop Pale Ale

Hoppy, Refreshing, Always Changing – Our Single Hop Pale ale is made with almost as much precision as the Fustian Cutters of 17th Century Wilmslow had to exert over their highly skilled, specialist craft of preparing this strong fabric of cotton and linen, used extensively for clothing and furnishings and whose usage continues today.


English Style Ale - Harvest Ale

Fresh Green Hops – In tribute to a famous Wilmslow resident who (aside from a few other notable achievements……), has been entirely responsible for altering the definition of what we have come to know as that everyday (useful) item the ‘hairdryer – ‘a hand-held electric device that blows out hot air used to assist drying hair’ to that of ‘a fiery tirade of locker room rage that strikes fear into whoever is on the end of it…..’

Happy Felix

American Style Ale - Cream Ale

Extra Pale & Refreshing – A play on the lovely motto of Wilmslow town ‘Nobis Habitatio Felix’ which translates as ‘A Pleasant Dwelling Place for Us’. Relax and enjoy a pint of Happy Felix and we hope you will regard us as a pleasant place for you to dine and eat’


Wheat Beer - Witbier

Cloudy, Orange, Coriander – It’s definitely summer when you start to see Sacrecrows invading Wilmslow. Bringing lots of fun and colour to the town with a variety of creations from scary to amusing, we have added to the festivities with our seasonal summer Witbier.


IPAs - Rye IPA

Ruby, Spicy, Hoppy – In celebration of all the Wilmslow residents over the centuries who have played their part in the development of the textile industry and their part in the industrial heritage of our country, from bale breakers, cotton weavers or spinners to Hot Pressers, raise a glass of our complex Rye IPA.

Pete Marsh

Stouts & Porters - Traditional Porter

Rich, Roast, Chocolatey – The amazing archeological find of a perfectly preserved Iron Age man in a dank, dark, peaty bog in 1984 named ‘Lindow Man’ is our inspiration for naming our dark and tasty Porter. Conserved for over 2,000 years this remarkable find has granted us an insight into life 2,000 years ago. Experts concluded that Lindow Man’s diet was predominantly based on cereals, in direct contrast to his European counterparts during the Iron Age whose diets were wide and varied – no change there then!

Lucky Sam

IPAs - Traditional IPA

Bitter, Strong, Hoppy – British entrepreneur and founder of Quarry Bank Mill (cited as one of Britain’s greatest industrial heritage sites) is said to have led a fortunate life. Adopted by his uncle at a young age, he not only was well educated and well-travelled, he later inherited a small fortune which he put to good use by founding Quarry Bank Mill. It is said that although working conditions were still tough at the mill, Samuel was kinder to his workforce than many of that era.


Oktoberfest Ale

It is reported by many footballing pundits that 1966 was a great year for English football…..it was the year the legendary Manchester United player ‘Eric Cantona’ was born! Regarded as the man who conquered the Premier League and sparked United’s golden age of dominance, the chants of ‘Ooh Ahh Cantona” resounded every time he played. As he turned his attention to acting, Cantona was perfect casting in the Ken Loach film ‘Looking for Eric’ whose protagonist is a depressed postman seeking inspiration and life coaching from his imaginary friend, the great man himself. Filmed in and around Wilmslow, it is a popular and enjoyable film.

Secret Genius

American Pale Ale

Hoppy, Grapefruit, Resinous – A small tribute to the sheer genius of one-time Wilmslow Resident ‘Alan Turing’s lasting impression on life today; not only to peace as we know it through deciphering the enigma code, but in the fabric of our modern ‘computerised’ world…. It’s almost impossible to put into words the extent of how Alan’s work has impacted our lives. Suffice to say the man was an enigma in his own time, one that we are only just beginning to figure out.


Cask Lager - Kolsch Style Ale

Clean, Pale, Refreshing – As a tribute to the many new recruits who started their RAF training here in Wilmslow at the camp which stood on the site of modern day Summerfields, between the years of 1938 and 1962. Recruited with a view to becoming Mechanics, Drivers, Coders, Communication Officers and Parachute Packers to name but a few of the roles on offer…….for these brave women.

New Haven Pale

American Style Ale

Enjoy a pint of this simple Pale Ale with truck loads of piney, grapefruity American hops and raise a refreshing glass to our American county cousins – you could almost believe you were in a brewpub in Cheshire, New Haven, USA!


Experience Day

Spend a day learning how to brew beer in our microbrewery with our Head Brewer: Breakfast, Lunch, ample beer tasting and a 5 litre mini keg to take home all included… sound like fun?  Click the link to find out more!


Sample 8 different beers (some of which are brewed right on-site in our microbrewery) under the guidance of one of our in-house beer experts. Nibbles and the option to add a B&K burger to finish included!



Get the party poppers out, its time to celebrate!

Situated near Wilmslow train station, and with a damn tasty function menu, including black rice, quinoa and soya bean salad and spicy sriracha pulled chicken brioche buns (yum!) Brewhouse & Kitchen is on it when it comes to functions!

 Get in touch so we can start planning!

Can’t find what you’re after or celebrating with more than 60 people? Don’t worry! We can create a personalised plan just for you!

The Upper Dining Room

Seated: 2-30 / Standing: 50

The Lower Dining Room

Seated: 12 / Standing: 20

The Snug

Seated: 12 / Standing: 20


Seated: 15 / Standing: 50

The Brew Pad

Seated: Casual seating for 20 / Standing: 40

The Upper Dining Room

The Upper Dining Room area has a selection of tables from 2 to 30 or stands 50! For more privacy, this area can be cordoned off and if you want to throw a bigger bash, then this room can be extended to sit 56 and stand 90 – nailed it! If you’re thinking you need a space for over 90 people that’s fine, the more the merrier! Just enquire and we’ll see what we can do!

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The Lower Dining Room

The Lower Dining Room is a private space perfect for a banquet with a long table sitting 12 (like in those grand old films when it takes a century to pass the salt to someone)! If you have something smaller in mind, then this room can be split into 3 tables of 4! If you thinking of going bigger, this room can stand 20 – whoop whoop!

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The Snug

If you want to be looked after in a private setting then The Snug is what you’re looking for! Order some dishes for everyone to share – we have a wide range of exciting dishes to choose from including a chicken, ham, leek and wheat beer pie and falafel and homemade chilli jam wraps (*drool)!

This area sits up to 12 with a 40-inch widescreen TV available for presentation use or to show off your latest homemade film. If you’re party/film premier is more than 12 then don’t you worry, we can extend this room to stand 20!

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“The Best Seats in the House” are situated in the heart of the bustling bar with a lovely view – the ideal location to sample our 50+ beers! This area includes our popular circular “Fire Pit” table, which sits up to 15 people! If you want a real party vibe then this area can stand 50 people – cheers to that!

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The Brew Pad

When our Brewer lets us, you can sit at the almighty brewery table and watch in awe as he brews beer right in front of you! Order some food and a pint and take in the hoppy surroundings! As this area stands up to 40 people, you may as well invite a load of drinking buddies to join you – shotgun not the designated driver!


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