A warm welcome from the Brewhouse and Kitchen team here at Highbury. Whether you’ve come to sample the latest offering of our beer brewed on-site in our micro-brewery by our very own resident Head Brewer, enjoy a meal with friends, sitting around our real fire drinking a fantastic warming red wine, popping in for a quick drink before the big game (we are a just down the road from Arsenal’s Emirates stadium) or to book your party or function with us, we hope your visit is one to remember.

Our Menu offering boasts some great pub classics, all with a Brewhouse & Kitchen twist, and each comes with a fantastic beer and food pairing recommendation, to further intensify the flavour.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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Food Serving



All our dishes are freshly cooked to order and our beers are used in many of the recipes.

Each dish comeswith a beer/ale recommendation and our staff are happy to guide you or alternatively, choose from our Beer and Food Pairing chart.

Grab a comfy booth or sit around the fire and enjoy our beer and food matched menu.

Let us know if you happen to be celebrating a special event or birthday. Don't be shy, we want to celebrate with you.

Beer and Food Pairing Chart  

Our Drinks

In addition to our on-site brewed beers/ales we offer a wide selection of draught beers and lagers and a fantastic selection of international bottled beers.

If beer is not your thing, don't worry, we also have a superb range of wines by the glass or bottle, ciders and non-alcoholic drinks and juices.

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We are really good at this; a fantastic, tasty lunch washed down with a swift half, all delivered in quick time (but do allow enough time to savour the taste and flavour!)



Now we have time to spoil you, or at least spoil your taste buds. Indulge and enjoy the suggested beer and food matching.
Let us know if you happen to be celebrating a special event or birthday. Don't be shy, we want to celebrate with you.


Sunday Lunch

Some would say it's the best meal of the week, well we certainly want you to think that when you dine on a Sunday with us.

Come and savour the flavour and soak up the atmosphere. It's warm and friendly, relaxed yet attentive, just as a Sunday should be.


Highbury Beer Collection

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The Goalscorer
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London Calling
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Man's best friend
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No 19
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No Fly Zone
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Old Major
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Peasants Revolt
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Romford Pele
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Pairing Chart
Our gorgeous Amber ale pays homage to Alexander Aubert, the English eminent businessman and amateur astronomer who set up one of the finest Observatories of 18th century Britain at Highbury House. Aubert’s lifelong passion was kindled from an early age when he observed the appearance of the Great Comet of 1744, and was further encouraged by witnessing the Great Meteor of 1783, which passed over Scotland and England and on to France on a passage of over 1,000 miles. With flashes of luminous red noted in the massive fireball that rumbled across the clear, August, night sky, illuminating the face of the country, followed by a questioning ‘is the world ending?’ thunderous rumbling, it surely must have been the spectacle of the century
Pairing Chart
Where Highbury Manor now sits, it is thought to have once been the site of the summer camp (Colonia Estivo) for a Roman Garrison as far back as the 1st or 2nd Century. Although wine was the Legions’ preferred tipple of choice, after many disastrous attempts to introduce grape growing into the more northern parts of Europe, eventually the Romans realised that hops grow better in colder climates and after a time beer was started to be brewed, Subsequently, instead of wine, beer was drunk in Britain and extensively throughout the Roman empire. As a toast to their determination to find an alternative to wine, in their honour we have brewed a hoppy, spicy Rye Ale, which is the perfect pint to enjoy on a balmy, summer night.
Pairing Chart
We have a lot to thank Hungarian born inventor, and Highbury resident, David Gestetner (1854 – 1939) for. Not just for his inventions such as ‘the photocopier’, ‘the ball-point pen’ and ‘nail-clippers’ - devices which have, over time, become an invaluable, intrinsic part of our modern life, and that today we take for granted, but for choosing to set up his factory in North London, employing thousands of people until as recently as the 1970s. In honour of his legacy we have brewed a chocolately, creamy Dry Stout, that once you take it, you won’t be able to do without.
Pairing Chart
Our session IPA has so much personality we just had to name it after ‘The Goalscorer’ AKA the Pundit, TV and Radio presenter, and all-round inspiring and likeable chap, professional footballer ‘Ian Wright MBE’ – although he could have earned his Goalscorer title with any of the clubs that he played for, it was at the mighty Arsenal that his goal scoring ability truly shone, becoming the club’s top scorer for six seasons in a row and playing a major part in the FA Cup and League Cup double in 1993. He went on to partner Dennis Bergkamp as a formidable stiking duo and his time at Arsenal culminated in a truly amazing 185 goals in 279 appearances – and all of them delivered with charm and personality
Pairing Chart
George Cruikshank being the friend and illustrator for Charles Dickens is probably responsible for why life in the densely populated Victorian Islington, along with its colourful characters featured so often in the writer’s novels with Dickens drawing on the observations he made on his frequent visits to Cruikshank’s home and studio in Amwell Street. As a teetotaller Cruikshank probably would not have been tempted by our black IPA, but you can enjoy a pint or two of this citrusy, hoppy, spicy beer and consider how life has changed since the dark days of Dickensian London
Pairing Chart
In tribute to the 3rd album by the Clash, London Calling, ranked as one of the Greatest Albums of All Time (Rolling Stone Magazine 2003) was recorded in 1979 at Wessex Studios, located in a former church hall in Highbury. The studio, owned by Sir George Martin was popular and had previously been used by the likes of the Sex Pistols, Pretenders and Tom Robinson Band.
Pairing Chart
In tribute to 19th century Highbury resident Charles Alfred Cruft (1852 – 1938) who created the first dog show of many breeds namely “Cruft’s Greatest Dog Show”, a show so much a part of our fabric of British institution that we now refer to it as merely ‘Crufts’, first held in 1891 at the Royal Agricultural Hall, Islington (we know that better as the Business Design Centre). Some would say that Charles Cruft can be held partly responsible for changing the British public’s perception of man’s best friend, noting that until shortly before this time, it was generally believed that dogs were kept only for hunting and defence and not as pets, with the exception of lap-dogs, which were considered to be a dog fit only for ladies, but even he would be staggered to know that there are over 9 million registered dogs in the UK today. Bizarrely, although Mr Cruft purported to be a dog lover he never actually owned a dog himself!
Pairing Chart
You would be pardoned for thinking the No. 19 bus, connecting Battersea Bridge with Finsbury Park via Islington, is just another innocuous London Bus, but it could possibly be the most famous route. Not only does it take pride of place in the first line of the Clash hit ‘Rudie Can’t Fail, it is also mentioned in the Dire Straits song “Wild West End” along with featuring in a 2007 edition of Voque “one of the 14 most stylish locations in Britain”. However, we think its best point is that it links Brewhouse & Kitchen, Islington and Brewhouse & Kitchen, Highbury
Pairing Chart
Our affectionate tribute to Dennis Bergkamp, the Arsenal striker from 1995 until 2006, widely regarded as one of the greatest players in this generation, and selected by Pele as one of the FIFA 100 greatest living players. Mr Bergkamp, also nicknamed ‘the Non-Flying Dutchman’ by Gunners’ supporters, due to his fear of flying, helped Arsenal to win 3 Premier League titles, 4 FA Cup trophies and reach the final of the 2006 UEFA Champions League Final. Enjoy a pint of our hoppy, golden Pilsner lager and toast his greatness
Pairing Chart
From one of the greatest British writers of all time, who in 1945, penned the final touches to one of his greatest novels, whilst living not 2 minutes from this very site, we name this English Mild Bitter after the protagonist in George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’. Wise and persuasive ‘Old Major’, the old pig, inspires a rebellion with his rhetorical skill and ability to get the other animals to share his indignation. After a pint or two of this delicious Mild beer you won’t experience any indignation, just pure contentment
Pairing Chart
Consider being a resident of Highbury around 1381, of course that means you are only half-way through the ‘Hundred Year’s war’ (1337 – 1453), probably lost many loved ones in the Black Death (1348 – 1350), a plague that killed half of all Londoners, ruled by a King who is a 14 year old boy (Richard II) and have been unlucky enough to be born an ‘unfree serf’, which basically meant you were tied to working for the Lord of the Manor for little or no money, forever – it’s not hard to see why imposing an additional tax, namely the ‘Poll Tax’ with severe penalties for those who could not/would not pay, led to a bit of unrest with the masses………. The Revolt of 1381 was led by the semi-legendary Jack Straw who set up his headquarters on the site of Highbury Manor.
Pairing Chart
In tribute to the Gunner’s once golden boy, Ray Parlour, nicknamed ‘the Romford Pele’ by avid fans for his high-energy, mid-field solid performances, we have brewed a fantastic hoppy and dry, Golden ale. Like Ray, who was notably underestimated by Soccer AM’s Tim Lovejoy, who pre-emptively stated “Don’t’ worry, it’s only Ray Parlour”, just as he struck from 30 yards away, only to open the scoring of Arsenal’s victorious 2002 FA Cup Final against Chelsea, the wise will know to expect a fantastic dry finish from this aromatic and flavoursome, highly drinkable Golden Ale
Pairing Chart
In honour of this building’s original usage, namely as the home to London Trams that serviced the Highbury to Aldwych route as far back as 1906, we have named our house bitter Tramshed

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