Brewhouse & Kitchen are proud to be working with Ecologi!

Ecologi is a platform for Climate Action, helping individuals, families and businesses become Climate Positive. They do this by reducing our carbon footprint through the funding of quality climate solutions. Oh, and they also grow real and virtual forests!

Climate projects that B&K have supported with Ecologi are:

Turning local organic waste into electricity in India – 1,128TCO2E avoided

Peatland restoration & conservation in Indonesia – 282TCO2E avoided

Brewhouse & Kitchen have avoided 1,655.67 tonnes of CO2e, and to give some perspective, that’s equivalent to:

1,270 long haul flights

4,967 metres^2 of sea ice saved

4,107,717 miles driven in a car

To read more about what we at B&K are doing to help combat climate change, click here