Snuggled behind Angel Tube station, where Torrens Street meets City Road, Brewhouse & Kitchen - Islington pub/restaurant is a great place to meet. Whether you are popping in for an after-work drink, a relaxed Sunday lunch or meeting up with a group of friends for a celebratory dinner you will be warmly welcomed. As you enter the double doors, the first thing you will notice is the relaxed but friendly atmosphere and possibly the delicate smell of hops, gently brewing in the micro-brewery nestled in the far corner of this stylish, yet cosy pub/restaurant.

Choose to grab your place at the bar and feast your eyes on the amazing display of international beers and wines, seat yourself at one of our comfy booths to dine, or perhaps you may choose to sit at one of our high tables and enjoy watching the busy Head Brewer as she works her magic.

If you fancy taking advantage of our brewing expertise further, enjoy our menu with beer recommendations, occasional beer/food matched events, learn more about the world of beer through a tutored tasting on a Beer Masterclass, or if you fancy becoming a brewer yourself, we offer ‘Brewery Experience Days’ – imagine brewing your very own beer?

However you decide to enjoy Brewhouse and Kitchen – Islington, you can be sure to be looked after by our friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Brewhouse and Kitchen

Torrens Street,
T: 0207 837 9421

Opening Hours

Sunday | 11.00 - 22.00
Monday - Thursday | 11.00 - 23.00
Friday & Saturday 11.00 - 00.00

Food Serving Time

12:00 - 22:00


Our Chef prepares fresh food, and where possible, uses locally sourced produce. Our beers are used in many of the recipes.

Most of our dishes come with a beer/ale recommendation and our staff are happy to guide you or alternatively, choose from our Beer and Food Pairing chart.

Beer and Food Pairing Chart  

Our Drinks

In addition to our on-site brewed beers/ales we offer a wide selection of draught beers and lagers and a fantastic selection of international bottled beers.

If beer is not your thing, don't worry, we also have a superb range of wines by the glass or bottle, and non-alcoholic drinks and juices.

Beer Selection  


We are really good at this; a fantastic, tasty lunch washed down with a swift half, all delivered in quick time (but do allow enough time to savour the taste and flavour!)



Now we have time to spoil you, or at least spoil your taste buds. Indulge and enjoy the suggested beer and food matching.

Let us know if you happen to be celebrating a special event or birthday. Don't be shy, we want to celebrate with you.


Islington Beer Collection

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Pairing Chart
Our traditional English Bitter, named after the thriving ‘Angel Inn’, so renowned that in 1901 the tube station was actually named in its honour. It’s remarkable to think that from the fifteenth century until 1965, only a stone’s throw from this very site, the Angel was brewing and serving its famous Bitter.
Pairing Chart
Like the small coal-man ‘Thomas Britton’ this brown ale is complex but with much depth of character. Although Mr Britton had a thriving coal business, he diversified and invested much of his time and profits into promoting a love of literature and the arts. He created a concert hall above his shop in Aylesbury St, Islington which was famed as ‘the premier venue for chamber music in London during the early 1700’s. We hope you can appreciate the ‘complex, hoppy notes’ of our Britton brew.
Pairing Chart
Arlington Way, Islington was home to one of Islington’s most famous residents ‘Charlie Chaplin’ during his formative years. Obviously inspired by his parents who were music hall stars, appearing regularly at Sadler’s Wells Theatre, the young Chaplin went on to have success on both sides of the Atlantic and to become one of the most famous actors in the history of Hollywood.
Pairing Chart
Benjamin Disraeli born on 21st December in Islington- Politician, novelist and…some would say, hedonist, although achieved lasting fame for his tenure as Prime Minister, was also responsible for generally improving the lives of working people. Although his talent and vision was in abundance and he shaped many aspects of our modern life, we are probably most grateful to him for the Public Health Act which was passed in 1875 and gave sanitation, running water and refuse disposal to all.
Pairing Chart
To cut a long story short... we had to brew a beer to celebrate the talent born and bred here in Islington in the form of 1980’s new wave band Spandau Ballet members Tony, Gary and Martin. In their honour we have created a fantastic blonde ale to remind us of one of their most memorable hits ‘Gold’
Pairing Chart
You wouldn’t really expect Vladimir Lenin, leader of the 1917 Russian Communist Revolution to feature as one of Islington’s most famous residents, but he was! No 30 Holford Square is where the thirty-two year old Lenin resided with his wife. At that time he was merely working on his newspaper ‘Iskra’ and his cataclysmic involvement in the Russian revolution and the creation of the Soviet Union that lay ahead was something that no one at the time could have predicted.
Pairing Chart
For some of us Hotblack Desiato is a great estate agency on Upper Street, for others though, thanks to Islington resident Douglas Adams who created the comic science fiction series ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ and was so taken with the name, you would know HBD as a humanoid and front man for the band Disaster Area - incredibly rich, known for buying whole star systems and notably once spent a year being dead for tax reasons. But now we offer an alternative – a fantastic black stout – nothing quirky about that!
Pairing Chart
The name Adewale Akinnouye-Agbajeis not one that slips easily off the tongue, unlike our Rye ale which we have named in honour of this wonderful, accomplished actor who was born in Islington in 1967. You may know him for his role as Simon Adebisi in the 1980’s HBO prison series of ‘Oz’, or perhaps as Mr. Eko on the popular series of ‘Lost’, in amongst many roles in blockbuster films such as Congo, The Mummy Returns, Thor and Bourne Identity.
Pairing Chart
From the 1600s to 1800s the most desirable words on a watch wasn’t “Swiss made”, it was “made in Britain” as English watchmakers were considered the best in their profession, and the watchmaking industry centred around the borough of Islington. Their craftsmanship of producing such a superior quality product became their downfall as they failed to recognise the emerging demand from the masses for a cheaper watch.
Pairing Chart
The Granita Pact was an alleged gentlemen's agreement made between politicians Tony Blair and Gordon Brown in the summer of 1994. Although later denied by Mr Brown, it is widely believed the two met in the Islington restaurant ‘Granita’ following the death of Labour Party leader John Smith on 12 May, and Brown agreed, in return for certain promises, that he would stand aside to allow Blair to become leader of the party, and possible future Prime Minister.
Pairing Chart
The Myddleton family certainly put their stamp on London during the early 17th century. Sir Hugh Myddleton, younger brother of Sir Thomas – Lord Mayor of London, is remembered not only for being the Royal Jeweller but for his love of engineering and his philanthropic nature which led him to being the driving force (and finance) behind the construction of the New River which brought clean water to the fast growing population of London. Although at one time it was safer to drink beer than the water of London, now, thanks to Sir Hugh, not only is the beer loads better but the water is safe to drink too!
Pairing Chart
Picture the scene in 1587 of Sir Walter Raleigh, intrepid explorer, back from the New World to his home in Islington, showing off his latest discovery of tobacco, and as he demonstrates the ritual of ‘smoking’ to the small dignified crowd on Upper St, revelling in their amazement as smoke is released from his mouth……..his servant, thinking he was on fire, runs up and throws a tankard of ale over him!
Pairing Chart
Our punchy, dark milk stout pays homage to one of Islington’s most famous residents ‘Edith Garrud’. Not only was she one of the first female professional martial arts instructors in the western world, but is also famed for training the 30-strong bodyguard of the Suffragette movement in jujutsu, thereby helping them to protect against police arrest.
Pairing Chart
Before Alfred Hitchcock became a legend in film production he perfected his skill on the cutting room floor of Islington Studios during the 1920s. Producing an array of B rated movies under the banner of Gainsborough, he was encouraged to make multi-lingual, co-produced films, which set the course for his later unique genre of dark films, each with its own, slightly cruel, sense of humour.

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