A warm welcome from the Brewhouse and Kitchen – Southampton team.
Whether you’re coming to enjoy a meal with friends or a quick drink after work, soak up the atmosphere and take your time to choose from our fantastic selection of great beers, wines and spirits, and browse through our delicious beer-matched food menu. How ever you decide to use Brewhouse & Kitchen you will be assured of a great time.

We love Southampton and all that live and work around our beautiful pub. That’s why we’ve named our own beers after the great and the good of Southampton, past and present. Every pump clip tells a story…… from our 3.6% Session Bitter ‘Speedwell’ named as a tribute to the sister ship to The Mayflower, who unfortunately never made the journey as started leaking shortly after the ships departed from Southampton on their way to the new lands of the Americas, or in celebration of the most successful commercial vehicle ever made was made ……none other than the ubiquitous transit van – made right here in Southampton – all 8,000,000+ of them! Or you could try a pint of our affectionate tribute to The Saint’s most revered footballer ‘On Le Tiss’.

We have a great selection of beers with many different seasonal choices along with a wide range of draught and bottled beers and excellent wine by the glass or bottle.

Our Menu offering boasts some great pub classics, all with a Brewhouse & Kitchen twist, and each comes with a fantastic beer and food pairing recommendation, to further intensify the flavour.

We look forward to welcoming you

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All our dishes are freshly cooked to order and our beers are used in many of the recipes.

Each dish comeswith a beer/ale recommendation and our staff are happy to guide you or alternatively, choose from our Beer and Food Pairing chart.

Grab a comfy booth or sit around the fire and enjoy our beer and food matched menu.

Let us know if you happen to be celebrating a special event or birthday. Don't be shy, we want to celebrate with you.

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Our Drinks

In addition to our on-site brewed beers/ales we offer a wide selection of draught beers and lagers and a fantastic selection of international bottled beers.

If beer is not your thing, don't worry, we also have a superb range of wines by the glass or bottle, ciders and non-alcoholic drinks and juices.

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We are really good at this; a fantastic, tasty lunch washed down with a swift half, all delivered in quick time (but do allow enough time to savour the taste and flavour!)



Now we have time to spoil you, or at least spoil your taste buds. Indulge and enjoy the suggested beer and food matching.
Let us know if you happen to be celebrating a special event or birthday. Don't be shy, we want to celebrate with you.


Sunday Lunch

Some would say it's the best meal of the week, well we certainly want you to think that when you dine on a Sunday with us.

Come and savour the flavour and soak up the atmosphere. It's warm and friendly, relaxed yet attentive, just as a Sunday should be.


Southampton Beer Collection

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On Le Tiss
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Walk the Line
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Departure point
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Map Maker
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Double Tide
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Old Bowler
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Pairing Chart
Consider for a moment you are one of the passengers on board Speedwell, the smaller sister ship to The Mayflower, who departed from Southampton in the summer of 1620 bound for a new life across the Atlantic, when only miles from shore, she began to leak,
Pairing Chart
In tribute to Matt Le Tissier , AKA ‘Le God’ who as a professional footballer with exceptional technical skills, spent his entire club career at Southampton, batting off interest from clubs such as Chelsea and Spurs and remains the second - highest ever scorer for Southampton. Matt has famously announced that ‘he has never drunk a pint of lager in his life’ – preferring to drink Malibu & Coke – but we hope our Golden Ale may tempt the Sainted‘golden boy’ and this amazing beer will be his choice from now on
Pairing Chart
In tribute to author and Southampton resident Dave Line who knew a thing or two about brewing. Regarded as a pioneer of homebrewing, during the 60’s and 70’s Dave, with his engineering and analytical brain, single handily changed the way people brewed at home by getting them to understand the technical process. He advocated the use of proper brewer’s yeast, whole-grain barley malts and whole hops, along with water treatment, sterilisation and proper cleaning of equipment – all values that our Brewers support today. His books also played an important part in the craft beer revolution in America with notable names such as Ken Grossman, the founder of Sierra Nevada, citing ‘The Big Book’as a key text in his early development. In Dave’s honour raise a glass of this traditional IPA, which we know Dave would have loved.
Pairing Chart
Just one of the nicknames of the ill-fated, unsinkable, mighty Titanic which left Southampton on its maiden voyage to New York on April 10th 1912. Not only was the Titanic considered a remarkable feat of engineering, it was also replete with every modern luxury known at the time: a heated swimming pool, a Parisian café, Turkish Baths, Squash courts and a gym, in addition to an array of first class restaurants and bars which served a fine selection of beers like our Cream ale – which also ‘goes down well’
Pairing Chart
It was from Southampton that 6 voyages of the liner Queen Mary departed for New York City transporting 9000 GI brides and 4000 children to a new life – and on one of these crossings that the ship made her fastest crossing ever in her career of 3 days 22 hours and 40 minutes. As part of their introduction to life in the USA they were given the book ‘A War Bride’s Guide to the USA’ and included in the glossary were American terms for everyday items such as ‘cookie’ rather than ‘biscuit’ and ‘beer or ale’ rather than ‘bitter’. Raise a toast to the bravery of these women with this spicy and slightly sour IPA
Pairing Chart
Where would we be without our amazing map makers of Southampton – well the answer is, we probably wouldn’t know! Since the 1700s Ordnance Survey has been tracking our roads, hills rivers, settlements and every type of land cover from John O’Groats to Lands End for our benefit. With the very first maps available to the public in 1801 the cost was around 3 guineas (equivalent to around 3 weeks’ wages of the average person) and amazingly it took a further seventy years for an entire set of maps covering the whole country, nowadays OS can just run their satellite over and it takes about 70 minutes to update!
Pairing Chart
If you were asked to name the most successful commercial vehicle ever made, you would be forgiven for not answering ‘transit van’ but with over 8,000,000 sold and most of them made right here in Southampton between 1972 and 2013. Interesting that at its launch, motoring critics of the time stated ‘it will never catch on, it’s too wide for the narrow driveways of the nation’s plumbers, electricians and builders’ – five decades later the transit van is something of an icon – for better or worse – becoming forever associated with the phrase ‘white van man’. Raise a glass of our ‘almost white’Wit Bier and toast the wonder of the transit van
Pairing Chart
It is only fitting that we name one of our beers after the sheer brain power that over years has passed through the hallowed halls of Southampton University as professor or student: from William Darwin, first born son of Charles Darwin, Ken Russell, Oscar winning film director and Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the world wide web, to name but a few. And as beer is commonly known as a good source of vitamin B, which helps support a healthy brain – there’s a great reason to drink beer over and above its great taste.
Pairing Chart
In celebration of Southampton’s maritime history and modern day tag as the busiest port in Europe for cruise ships, with it’s unique ‘double tides’ which allows the largest of cruise ships, some measuring 360 metres in length, access to the port including the fleet of Royal Caribbean and their latest jewel“Quantum Of The Seas” who offers the latest in absolute luxury and a new generation of on-board technology including ‘a virtual balcony’ for internal state rooms.
Pairing Chart
You would be correct in thinking that bowling has been part of Britain’s sporting history for a long time, not least because Southampton boasts the oldest surviving bowling green – established in 1299, but perhaps surprised to find that the earliest known forms date back to Ancient Egypt c.3200 BC and Ancient Rome, and throughout the centuries has been enjoyed by both Pharaohs, Caesars, Kings, Queens as well as the common man. Being an anaerobic activity that can be enjoyed by both young and old plus the benefits of developing and strengthening friendships within groups it’s easy to see the attraction, combined with its long association with great beer (thanks to the German love of both bowling and beer) its popularity has spread throughout the globe

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