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Welcome to Brewhouse & Kitchen – Chester

We’re a bit different from your traditional British pub. We brew our own amazing craftbeers right here in the pub itself – you can even watch our Head Brewer working his magic at the micro-brewery!

We love great beer, good food and exceptional wine – browse through our interesting range of bottled beers, cider and wines from around the world

Whether you’re looking to pop in for a quick lunch, after-work drink or celebrating with friends, you can be sure to be looked after by our friendly, knowledgeable team

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Brewhouse and Kitchen brews. Brewed right here on-site in our microbrewery!

Arthur's 9th

Stouts & Porters - Smoked Stout

Dark, Coffee, Smoky – Dark and satisfying, a full-bodied ale with the roasted flavour and coffee notes of a traditional Stout, with a pleasant smoky enhancement of flavour and aroma from the smoked malts This dark and smoky stout is the perfect tribute to Arthurian legend of how the Knights of the Round Table bravely fought on Chester soil at the ‘city of the legions’ 9th battle on their quest for good versus evil, light against darkness and their never-ending struggle between right and wrong


Stouts & Porters - Historic Porter

Dark, Chocolatey, Malty – A traditional English porter with a rich roast character, hints of chocolate in the flavour and a toasty malt aroma Roman rule had an enormous impact on Britain and in particular Chester, a visit from Caracalla (the only Emperor to visit the city) established it as one of the finest strategic outposts of the Roman Empire. And you don’t have to look too far to find their legacy has benefitted English beer making – with early roman central heating systems used as a blueprint for the first kilns to make malt.

Deva Victrix

English Style Ale – Single Hop Pale Ale

Hoppy, Refreshing, Always Changing – A simple Pale ale that showcases a different hop each brew….Let the hops shine Although brewing in Britain was already established when the Romans arrived in 54BC, by the time they built the Roman Fort ‘Deva Victrix’ in 79AD, on what is now considered ‘Chester’, Roman soldiers had helped to develop brewing and were sustaining themselves on English ale. Since this was before the introduction of hops, we wanted to brew a beer that really showcased the hop presence, celebrating beer in the 21st century.

Double Bond

Belgian Style Ale – Belgian Blonde

Light, Fruity, Spicy – Light bodied and surprisingly easy drinking. The simple malt and candy sugar recipe perfectly showcases the spicy and fruity character provided by the unique Belgian yeast. We have chosen to brew a complex, yet interesting Belgian Blonde, with just the right amount of sweetness, as our tribute to Chester’s famous acting sons Daniel Craig and Timothy Dalton, who have both had the pleasure of attaining the holy grail in action movie acting, by playing the role of debonair, British Secret Service agent ‘James Bond’, also renowned for his appreciation of a beautiful blonde [beer].

Forest House

Session Bitter - English Style Ale

Traditional, Caramel, Bitter – An easy drinking, traditional session bitter, brewed with lots of crystal malt for caramel flavour and extra body and balanced with the finest British hops Forest House Ale – In tribute to the history of this wonderful building, built in 1759 and at the time noted as ‘possibly the finest Georgian house in Chester’ we have named our traditional, caramel, house bitter in its honour – which we hope you will think is possibly the finest house ale in Chester.

Golden Boy

American Style Ale – Blonde Ale

Golden, Hoppy, Citrusy – A pale coloured ale, packed with American hops for a dry, bitter finish, with a citrus aroma. There is just not enough room to list all the scoring achievements of Chester born striker, Michael Owen.  Named in the FIFA 100 list of the world’s greatest living football players by Pele back in 2004.  Owen was also named ‘Golden Boy’ after his goal during the England V Argentina match of the 1998 World Cup Finals – so grab a pint of our popular, easy-drinking Blonde ale and toast his legacy to both club and national football!

Hand of Orville

American Style Ale – American Amber Ale

Ruby, Caramel, Hoppy – A hoppy amber ale with a biscuity, caramel malt flavour and citrusy aroma If you asked anyone of a certain age to name a famous puppet, Orville would most probably be the response. A green duck, dressed in a nappy with a giant safety pin, who graced the TV screens during the 1980s, assisted greatly in bringing Chester-born ventriloquist Keith Harris to fame and riches. At the peak of their popularity not only did they host an award winning show but even managed to reach number 4 in the UK singles chart, selling over 400,00 copies of ‘Orville’s song’


Wheat Beer - Witbier

Cloudy, Orange, Coriander – A Belgian classic wheat beer brewed with unmalted wheat and spiced with coriander & bitter orange peel This unmalted Belgian wheat beer, packed full of character is the perfect tribute to Chester’s musician, actor and all round funny man Russ Abbot, who entertained millions during the early 1980s with his TV series ‘Russ Abbot’s Madhouse’ winning the ‘Funniest Man on Television’ award no less than 5 times!

Presiding Judge

American Style Ale – Red Rye Ale

Ruby, Rich, Spicy – Ruby red ale showcasing the unique spicy flavour and rich, velvety mouth feel of rye malt Sir John Port, born in Chester in 1472, and first son of the city’s mayor, certainly made his mark at The King’s Court during the reign of Henry VIII, being the presiding judge at the trials of John Fisher, Thomas Moore and Anne Boleyn…….

Sunset Curfew

IPAs – Traditional IPA

Pale, Bitter, Hoppy – Large amounts of hops deliver an Intense piney and citrusy aroma and flavour in a bitter, easy drinking Pale Ale Since 1965 over 2,000 laws have been repealed, but there still remain a number of strange laws in place today… Dying is illegal in the Houses of Parliament and the beating of carpets or rugs is also illegal although mats are allowed – but only after 8am? In Chester it is legal to shoot a Welsh person with a crossbow, as long as it’s within the city walls and done after midnight but before sunrise. We suggest you ignore all 3 ridiculous laws and instead enjoy a pint of our hoppy IPA!

Triassic Ridge

Lager – Cask Pils

Clean, Pale, Refreshing – A Lager, Ale Hybrid originating in Cologne, Germany. Brewed with Pilsner Malt and German Hops for a clean, light and refreshing pale beer served in the British tradition, from the cask We know Chester is steeped in history but did you know that it has been dated back to the Triassic period of about 250 million years ago, where dinosaurs roamed over the land we now know as the Cheshire Sandstone Ridge, and when no polar ice cap existed. We just thought this was a great name for a beer!

Twisted Chimney

IPAs - Black IPA

Dark, Bitter, Hoppy – As intensely hoppy as our traditional IPA but with added subtle flavour from the roasted malt which complements the piney and resinous character Celebrate the amazing architecture, such as the black and white half-timbered buildings and Eastgate clock, that exists in modern-day Chester, which can be attributed to the Cheshire-born, Victorian architect John Douglas. Funded by the wealthy Duke of Westminster, Douglas whose influences came from his travels to France, Germany and Holland, bestowed on Chester an eclectic mix of architectural style including his signature ‘twisted chimneys’.

Delaware Pale

American Pale Ale

Enjoy a pint of this simple Pale Ale with truck loads of piney, grapefruity American hops and raise a refreshing glass to our American cousins – you could almost believe you were in a brewpub in Chester, but in Delaware USA!


Experience Day

Spend a day learning how to brew beer in our microbrewery with our Head Brewer: Breakfast, Lunch, ample beer tasting and a 5 litre mini keg to take home all included… sound like fun?  Click the link to find out more!


Sample 8 different beers (some of which are brewed right on-site in our microbrewery) under the guidance of one of our in-house beer experts. Nibbles and the option to add a B&K burger to finish included!



Get the party poppers out, its time to celebrate!

Situated on Love Street just minutes from the centre and with a damn tasty function menu, including black rice, quinoa and soya bean salad and spicy sriracha pulled chicken brioche buns, Brewhouse & Kitchen is on it when it comes to functions!

 Get in touch so we can start planning!

Can’t find what you’re after or celebrating with more than 80 people? Don’t worry! We can create a personalised plan just for you!

The Log Store

Seated: 12 / Standing: 20

The Dining Room

Seated: 30

The Parlour

Seated: 18 / Standing: 30

The Academy Room

Seated: 20

The Speakeasy

Seated: 20 / Standing: 20

The Cellar Bar

Seated: 26 - 66 / Standing: 30- 80

The Log Store

If you want some décor drama with a retro edge, then The Log Store is the place you want to be! With an awesome dome ceiling and a wall made of logs (yes logs) this area sits up to 12! If you’re planning on throwing a bigger bash, then this room can be extended to stand 20

Special Features: dome ceiling

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The Dining Room

The Dining Room area has a selection of tables ranging from intimate 2s and 4s to a larger celebration of 30! You’ll never be thirsty as this room opens into the main bar area – a pint will only ever be a stride away!

Special Features: open into the main bar area

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The Parlour

The Parlour is the stage of the pub! Situated up a small flight of steps, you can seat your audience of 18 or stand a grander 30 and let the warming fire and TV provide you with an ideal spot to entertain!

Special Features: Fireplace, TV

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The Academy Room

If you’re looking for a more private and intimate setting then The Academy Room is what you’re looking for! Order some dishes for everyone to share – we have a wide range of exciting combinations.

This area sits up to 20 with a widescreen TV available for presentation use or to show off your latest homemade film.

Special Features: TV

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The Speakeasy

The Speakeasy offers some of the best seats in the house! It seats 20 in a combination of table settings or stands 20 – whichever takes your fancy!

Special Features: may be combined with The Academy Room and The Cellar Bar to extend capacity to 66 seated and 80 standing guests and include a private bar and a TV


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The Cellar Bar

The Cellar Bar is one of the coolest areas of the pub! With a curved brick ceiling and cosy tables, this room seats 26 and stands 30. If you’re thinking 30 is just not enough space for your party then don’t you worry, this area can be extended to include the awesome Academy Room to seat 46/stand 60, or if your party is 60+ guests and you really want your very own  Private Bar, extend it further to include the cosy Speakeasy to hold 66 seated or 80 standing!

Celebrating with more than 80 people? No worries, the more the merrier! Just enquire and we will see what we can do!

Special Features: may be combined with The Academy Room to extend capacity to 46 seated and 60 standing guests OR extends further still to include Speakeasy and Academy Room to seat 66/stand 80.  If you’ve extended, then this is where the magic happens – not only will you have access to a TV, but you’ll also have access to our 50+ beers in a private bar – cheers!

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