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27 Weymouth Avenue,
Dorchester, Dorset

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T: 01305 265551


The gleaming copper vats take pride of place in this stunning renovation of the original station master’s house. Perched high on their pedestals, this is where the brewing is done – on site and in view – so that you can feel a part of this indigenous brewing experience. The fact that this was once on the footprint of the Eldridge Pope Brewery, it just seems right that it has returned to its roots and is once again producing some amazing brews.

The whole place is gleaming yet still cosy and inviting. Choose your environment from sumptuous sofas for casual dining and drinking, large tables for great get-togethers to intimate tables for two and all we ask is that you relax and let our friendly staff look after you.

We offer a wide range of cask ales, draught beers, international bottled beers and fine wines – see our Drinks Menu for the full listing.

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Brewhouse & Kitchen brews. Brewed right here on-site in our microbrewery!

Cerne Abbas Giant


The big one, a suitable name for our IPA. We are not saying that drinking our IPA will develop parts of your anatomy to extraordinary proportions …….. we just felt the strength and imposing nature of this local hill figure/sculpture lent itself well to the name for our big IPA. However, drinkers beware, as we have had many reports of increased fertility after a few pints of the stuff!


Traditional Bitter

Our traditional bitter, named after the eminent, local architect W.R. Crickmay, known for his award-winning exuberant style. A bitter drinker himself, he would have felt his name befitted this beautifully balanced, structured bitter and whose drinkers have known to experience ‘energy, excitement and cheerfulness – in other words ‘exuberance’!

Durnovaria Dark

Black IPA

Like its name suggests, this hoppy black ale is dark and mysterious, from a recipe that dates back through centuries to Roman times in Dorchester’s history. It is said that Centurions guarded the master brewer as he brewed this special ale to ensure that the ingredients and process were never disclosed. The mystery surrounding Durnovaria Dark meant that it was expensive and therefore could only be afforded by the rich and titled – thankfully our brewer is free to brew regularly so treat yourself to an ale fit for a king.

Judge Jeffreys

Blonde Ale

A mere mention of this name evokes feelings of terror and awe in equal measure. Educated to the highest degree, yet ruthless to the lowest, Judge Jeffreys, also known as ‘the Hanging Judge’ had the power to determine the fate of those Dorchester residents who had fallen foul of the law in the late 1600’s – one bang of the gravel and you were either condemned to the gallows or sent thousands of miles from you to some God-forsaken outpost of the new world. Thankfully, you can now relax and enjoy a pint of JJ and the only judgement you will receive is that you have chosen well!


Cask Lager

To be twinned with a German town is a subject for debate over a pint or two as to whether it is an accolade or a condemnation but delve into the history of Dorchester’s twin, Lubbecke, and you find that with the headquarters of the British forces in nearby Bad Oeynhausen, the staff chose to be housed in Lubbecke. In fact even after the foundation of the Federal Republic of West Germany, certain buildings remained a base for British military staff – until as recent as 1983.

Maiden Castle

American Amber

In respect of our local hill fort which holds archaeological evidence of human activity dating back to a mindboggling 1800BC, during the Bronze Age, when the site was first used for growing crops. Consider that this site could possibly have grown the very first hops?? Although it was a while before hops were used to make beer, because of their antibacterial qualities, they were widely used in herbal medicine. Perhaps Neolithic man enjoyed a type of ‘herbal brew’ in the same way as modern man enjoys a pint of our specially brewed amber/red ale, Maiden Castle.

Massachusetts Bay

American Pale Ale

Named after one of the original English settlements on the east coast of North America in the 17th Century, near Boston. The Massachussetts Colony is said to have been established by the Puritan minister John White (1575 – 1648) of Dorchester. His influence in establishing this settlement is widely recorded but the remarkable fact is that he managed to do this, without emigrating himself!


Fruit Wheat Beer

Inspired by the wonderful smells and aromas that you encounter as you pass through the botanical gardens, we thought this a fitting name for our seasonal wheat beer. Savour the taste of raspberries, sometimes blackberries, other times cherries, in this refreshing fruit wheat beer. Like the curator of the botanical gardens, our brewer experiments with the blending together of natural ingredients for your delectation.

Stationmaster's Ale

House Bitter

An apt name for our very own house bitter. Brewed from a recipe which has been refined over the years, probably since this very site became the stationmaster’s house, the final destination of the ‘Southampton to Dorchester’ railway line, later named Castleman’s Corkscrew. Opened in 1844, ‘Castleman’s Corkscrew’ was a feat of engineering mastery, connecting all the important towns of the region by a meandering railway route which ended here in Dorchester. Enjoy a pint of this golden ale brewed by our master brewer.

Nine Stones

English Pale Ale

Mysterious and symbolic are descriptions used when talking about the nine stones that form the unique bronze-age elliptical stone circle a stone’s throw from here…- or is it 9? Beneath the canopy of trees in dappled shade you can immerse yourself in the magic of this place, or if you can’t be bothered leaving this pub, experience the same magical tranquillity after a pint of our light, golden aromatic blonde ale!

Nurdle Ho

American Style Ale - Red Rye Ale

Inspired by the game which is played between teams who are trying to hurl one’s nurdle over a course called a Nurdleynge Alley – none the wiser? Nor are we, but apparently, the Double-Tongued dictionary explains the meaning of Nurdling as a ‘ridiculous British game, which can only be explained after many beers’ – we believe this is true and look forward to a full definition….


English Style Ale – Harvest Ale

Inspired by the lead character and formidable heroine, the beautiful farmer Bathsheba Everdene, in Thomas Hardy’s classic novel ‘Far From The Madding Crowd’ based in Hardy’s Wessex, in and around Dorchester.

Puritan 6

American Pale Ale

Enjoy a pint of this simple Pale Ale with truck loads of piney, grapefruity American hops and raise a refreshing glass to our American cousins – you could almost believe you were in a brewpub in Dorchester, Boston USA!


Experience Day

Spend a day learning how to brew beer in our microbrewery with our Head Brewer: Breakfast, Lunch, ample beer tasting and a 5 litre mini keg to take home all included… sound like fun?  Click the link to find out more!


Sample 8 different beers (some of which are brewed right on-site in our microbrewery) under the guidance of one of our in-house beer experts. Nibbles and the option to add a B&K burger to finish included!



At Brewhouse & Kitchen we’ll bend over backwards to deliver the BEST. PARTY. EVER.

We’ll have everything covered so you can relax and enjoy while we take care of everything else!

Take a look at the various areas on offer (and be sure to check out the party menu too) -give us and idea of what you’re looking for and we’ll get in touch to talk it through and start planning!

Can’t find what you’re after? Just get in touch and we’ll look at putting together a bespoke plan just for you!

The Glasshouse

Seated: 60 / Standing: 100

Brewery Bar

Seated: 30 / Standing: 50


Seated: 12 / Standing: 20

The Glasshouse

Our biggest bookable area in our pub is perfectly suited to our guests looking to have a sit down dinner up to 60 people or a large standing canapé function of up to 100 people. Different configurations of this area allow us to accommodate most requests.

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Brewery Bar

This is where the action is, right in front of our functioning Brewery. All our tutored tastings and meet the brewer events take place here but it is also good to host more casual gatherings such as impromptu birthday celebrations or just a get together of good friends and family.

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Perfect for a gathering where you want to have a dining meal and is more private than some of the other areas. There are a couple of options in how we can set the tables up for you to best suit your Party!

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