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Gloucester Quays,

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Whether you’re coming to sample the latest offering of our beer brewed on-site in our micro-brewery by our very own resident Head Brewer, enjoy a meal with friends, saviour the view from our dockside outside seating area or just popping in for one of our famous special lunches, you will be assured of a great time.

We love Gloucester Quays and all that live and work around our beautiful pub. That’s why we’ve named our own beers after the great and the good of Gloucestershire, past and present. Every pump clip tells a story…… from our 3.6% Session Bitter ‘Stevedore’ named as a tribute to the good men and women of old, and whose hard work was at the beating heart of these amazing docks, to a celebration of some great lateral thinking that brought about a thriving economy during the summer months, 5.0% Wheat/Wit Hybrid ‘#wallslayoff’. Or you could try a pint of our affectionate tribute to Gloucester’s most famous acting son ‘(down a) Pegg’ and for rugby fans we think you will like our 4% Session IPA ‘Shed Head’.

We have a great selection of beers with many different seasonal choices along with a wide range of draught and bottled beers and excellent wine by the glass or bottle.

Our Menu offering boasts some great pub classics, all with a Brewhouse & Kitchen twist, and each comes with a fantastic beer and food pairing recommendation, to further intensify the flavour.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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Brewhouse & Kitchen brews. Brewed right here on-site in our microbrewery!


English Summer Ale

We know there is nothing more synonymous with an English Summer than watching cricket and in recognition of Gloucestershire’s contribution of some of the greatest Batsmen like cult heroes Bomber Wells and David Lawrence, to Gloucester-born modern legend, Alistair Cook MBE – the greatest run-scorer in Test matches and on 30th May 2015 he scored his 9000th test run, the first English Test batsman to do so. Enjoy a taste of summer with our light and fruity seasonal beer.

Crafty Cloisters

English Brown Ale

Gloucester Cathedral Cloisters are a popular destination with the film community having famously appeared in many films such as Harry potter, Dr Who and Sherlock Holmes but none moreso as when the Crafty is set up there – that’s the nickname of film terminology ‘Craft service’ – the area where delicious food and drinks are served all day for the crew. Celebrate our burgeoning British film industry with a glass of our delicious English Brown craft beer.

(Down A) Pegg

Amber Ale

It is only fitting that we name at least one of our beers in tribute to Gloucester’s most famous acting son and Hollywood Superstar ‘Simon Pegg’. Down a glass of our malty, caramel Amber ale and toast his ‘almost too many to mention’ comic and acting achievements but most notably zom rom com Shaun of The Dead, comic satire Hot Fuzz, an iconic role as ‘Scotty’ in the 2009 remake of Star Trek, and Mr Cruise’s co-star in Mission Impossible.


Dry Stout

The similarities between the Gloucester – twinned Parish of St Ann’s Bay, on the north coast of the jewel of the Caribbean ‘Jamaica’, with its swaying palm trees, tropical heat, turquoise waters and white sandy beaches, may be hard to fathom during the ubiquitous cold, wet and dreary typical climate of Blighty, so we have made this delicious Stout to take you on your very own Caribbean adventure and to help you ‘weather’ the British Autumn and Winter.


Traditional English Ale

The story of King Edward I (nicknamed Longshanks due to him being over 6 foot tall) and his disastrous trip to Gloucester which saw him fall into a huge muddy puddle and inspired the famous poem ‘Doctor Foster (went to Gloucester)’ – a warning to children in bygone days, prior to modern roads, that what appears to be a shallow puddle could in fact be much deeper – and result in total humiliation! Some would say the adage is still relevant today ….. so watch out for those metaphorical puddles!


Winter Warmer

Charles Dickens’ novels have a reputation for developing characters whose behaviour, although dramatic, is somewhat far-fetched and implausible, and none more so than Ebeneezer Scrooge in Dickens’ 1843 ‘A Christmas Carol, but legendary miser of Gloucester and owner of Gloucester Bank, Jemmy Wood (1756 – 1836) was Dickens’ real life inspiration for the embodiment of winter Scrooge. Unlike Dickens’ Scrooge who went on to have his cold, pinched heart restored to the innocent goodwill he had experienced in childhood and youth, Jemmy Wood died before the book was printed and he could benefit from the powerful statements of ‘A Christmas Carol’. Share the beer and share the love, that’s what we say!


Saison (Belgian Farmhouse Ale)

The Romans loved Gloucester – founded in 49AD under Emperor Nerva, it was named ‘Colonia Glevum Nervensis’. By AD97 it was the preferred place for retired Roman soldiers to enjoy a more leisurely life. Perhaps it was during a retired pastime that after many disastrous attempts of wine making, eventually the veterans realised that hops grow better in colder climates and so started experimenting with brewing beer. As a toast to their determination to find an alternative to wine raise a glass or two of this aromatic and fruity Saison and salute their ingenuity.


Black IPA

In tribute to Gloucestershire’s hero Sir Frank Whittle (1907 – 1996) who invented the turbo jet engine. He was only 21 when he first presented the idea of turbo-jet propulsion to his then bosses at the Air Ministry. When they showed no interest he patented the idea himself in 1932, but had to allow the patent to lapse as he couldn’t afford to renew it. It was only many years later that his dream became a reality, when working with the Gloster Aircraft Company, the first jet-powered aircraft ‘E28/39 Pioneer’ took off from Brockworth airfield in 1941 and so started the 20th century jet age of international air travel. It’s only fitting that we dedicate our 5.5% ABV Black IPA in his memory.


Session IPA

Our Head Brewer is as passionate about brewing a great IPA as Gloucester is about its rich rugby heritage and the rugby greats the club has spawned such as Phil Vickery, John Gordon A’Bear, Mike Tindell, Phil Greening, and Anthony Allen, to name but a few. Skill, Talent and Dedication are all qualities that make a great team but the fans with their loyalty and unswerving support provide the magic, which all in all makes for a fantastic, successful club. Much like our session IPA, although we use the finest American hops the real magic happens when it is brewed in small batches, right here by our Head Brewer.


Session Bitter - English Style Ale

As a tribute to all the hard working men and women who have been at the beating heart of Gloucester Docks, loading and unloading ships over the centuries, whose cargoes were transferred direct to narrow boats which could then carry the goods up the river and through the inland canals to the industrial towns and cities of the Midlands. Early important imports included corn from Ireland, Timber from the Baltic and North America, Wines & Spirits from Portugal and France, ………for returning ships their holds were not empty, quite the contrary, they were full of SALT, Worcestershire’s most famous export! Raise a glass of our Session Bitter and toast the toil of dock workers throughout the centuries.


Wheat/Wit Hybrid

A great story about ingenious lateral thinking – consider the Walls Sausage factory pre 1922 when it used to lay off the majority of its workforce every summer as the demand for sausages and meat products fell dramatically, until the founder’s grandson suggested deploying the workforce to make and sell ice-cream during the summer. This subsequently ended the ‘Walls Lay off’ every summer and because of Thomas Wall II’s vision, the Walls factory is now the largest ice-cream factory in Europe.Toast a continuing buoyant ice-cream economy and raise a glass of our Belgian Wit-influenced wheat beer to some great lateral thinking.


American Pale Ale - American Style Ale

Gloucester born John Stafford-Smith 1750 – 1836 certainly left his mark on American culture – he wrote the music to the Star Spangled Banner – the national anthem of the USA. Smith’s patriotic melody was picked up by Francis Scott Key, an eminent American lawyer and author who also dabbled in writing poetry, to accompany his 1805 poem ‘When the Warrior Returns from the Battle Afar’. This was adopted by the U.S. Army and Navy after the attack of Fort McHenry, Massachussetts by (ironically) the British fleet in 1814. Perhaps it took a while to view Britain in a different light, but Congress didn’t make the now entitled “Star Spangled Banner” the country’s national anthem until 1931.


Italian Pale Ale

Enjoy a pint of this floral Pale Ale with truck loads of piney, grapefruity American hops. Inspired by our Italian Head Brewer’s love of great American Pale Ales, with their big characters and citrusy hop flavours, and his desire to showcase the best of Italian Craft Pales, with their crisp, clean flavours and just the right amount of bitterness.


Experience Day

Spend a day learning how to brew beer in our microbrewery with our Head Brewer: Breakfast, Lunch, ample beer tasting and a 5 litre mini keg to take home all included… sound like fun?  Click the link to find out more!


Sample 8 different beers (some of which are brewed right on-site in our microbrewery) under the guidance of one of our in-house beer experts. Nibbles and the option to add a B&K burger to finish included!



At Brewhouse & Kitchen we’ll bend over backwards to deliver the BEST. PARTY. EVER.

We’ll have everything covered so you can relax and enjoy while we take care of everything else!

Take a look at the various areas on offer (and be sure to check out the party menu too) -give us and idea of what you’re looking for and we’ll get in touch to talk it through and start planning!

Can’t find what you’re after? Just get in touch and we’ll look at putting together a bespoke plan just for you!

The Dining Room

Seated: 45 / Standing: 60

Brewery Bar

Seated: 26 / Standing: 60

Mezzaine Floor

Seated: 20 / Standing: 30

The Dining Room

The largest area of our pub, this incredibly versatile space can be booked for almost anything! You can enjoy the relaxing waterfront or the slightly faster paced open kitchen. We can accommodate plenty of small groups in here or up to 30 split across a couple of tables. Our gorgeous open fire table is a great place for a party of 12 to sit and eat in the middle of all the action

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Brewery Bar

With tall tables and plenty of space, the Brewery Bar perfectly lends itself to casual drinks reservations. There is immediate access to the bar, a lovely water front view and our very own “Potters Brewery” busily bubbling away making our in house beers! If that’s not enough, there are cosy sofas where you can watch the world go by and 60” digital TV for those all-important rugby games.

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Mezzaine Floor

Are you looking for an intimate gathering for a group of friends or family? Or perhaps a private business meeting where you can talk uninterrupted without the stuffiness of a board room. Overlooking the main dining area but with a cosy feel, this space can be booked exclusively for private functions or used as a meeting space with a 40” digital TV screen available.

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