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1 Bird Street
WS13 6PW Lichfield

T: 01543 224 740


A warm welcome from Brewhouse & Kitchen Lichfield! We’re a bit different from your traditional pub – we brew our own, unique craft beers on-site in our brew-tiful microbrewery! As well as matching every dish on our menu to a style of beer we also love cooking with beer –so be sure to keep an eye out for recipes that make use of the beers we brew!

We’re pleased to welcome all well behaved children, dogs and adults at Brewhouse & Kitchen 🙂

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Brewhouse and Kitchen brews. Brewed right here on-site in our microbrewery!


Stouts & Porters – Historic Porter

During the 18th Century when the Lichfield Improvement Board was formed to increase the standard of living in the town by introducing street paving, cleaning and most importantly street lighting, which bizarrely this had a positive effect in reducing crime not only at night, but also in the daytime, a renaissance was also going on in brewing with the introduction of Porter – the first beer to be dispatched by the brewery in a condition ready to drink, rather than having to be aged by the publican – another welcomed amelioration (improvement)!

3 Sticks

American Style Ale – American Pale Ale (KEG)

What better way to honour the name of our American Pale Ale than after Lichfield’s CB radio nickname, “Three Sticks” in reference to the three spires of Lichfield Cathedral. Enjoy a pint of this simple Pale Ale with truck loads of piney, grapefruity American hops and raise a refreshing glass to our American cousins – inventors of the CB radio and peculiar lingo!


English Style Ale – Harvest Ale

It’s no wonder thatched roofs were banned in Lichfield after they started the Great Fire of 1291? However, now that we have ditched the open fires in favour of central heating and log burners, plus adding in a smoke detector or two, they’re making a comeback, which is great news for thatchers. They can now dust off their billhooks, relegated to its other use ‘as a handy beer bottle opener – especially for a nice harvest ale’ for the last few hundred years, and get back to work.

Dashing Chimes

Lager – Cask Pils

In tribute to this one of a kind Lichfieldian sprint, we have brewed a refreshing cask Pils. Inspired by the film ‘Chariots of Fire’, the Lichfield Dash is a race against the 12 noon chimes around Cathedral Close. It sounds easy, but actually it’s a tough sprint to complete, with only a few who have ever managed it – a couple being former GB athletes!

Dyott’s Shot

IPAs – Black IPA

Lord Robert Brooke, a Parliamentarian Leader or ‘Roundhead’ in charge of the Cathedral assault of 1643 during the civil war, was assessing the battle against the Royalists from a doorway on Dam Street when he was (accidently) shot by John Dyott, one of his lookouts who had been deployed to annoy the besieging troops. Much to the upset of the townspeople of the time, the Royalists considered Brooke’s death a good omen as it took place on St. Chad’s Day!

Galloping Ghost

Belgian Style Ale – Belgian Blond

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, Lichfield appears to be full of them since the Civil War! Once such story surrounds the supposed haunting of Cathedral Close. It is said that on particularly quiet evenings, you can hear the charging hooves of the Roundhead soldier’s horses galloping through the close… spooky…


Session Bitter - English Style Ale

Traditional, Caramel, Bitter An easy drinking, traditional session bitter, brewed with lots of crystal malt for caramel flavour and extra body and balanced with the finest British hops Our session bitter is named in honour of this building once being the site of the gatehouse to the Franciscan friary, the legacy of which is still present in Lichfield today

Handy Man

IPA – Traditional IPA

Imagine how short-felt the relief was for 2 out of the 3 criminals who, whilst waiting to be hanged at Stafford Goal, the proceedings were impeded due to the hangman only having one piece of rope, when hangman turned ‘Handy man’ he solved the problem by creating a three loop knot, which not only hanged all 3 simultaneously, but bizarrely went on to become the county’s symbol!


American Style Ale – Red Rye Ale

In tribute to the members of the Lunar Society of Birmingham, led by Erasmus Darwin and commonly referred to as Lunarticks, they were a group of good friends who all met regularly in Lichfield between the years of 1765 and 1813 in comfortable surroundings to drink, dine and informally debate on topics linked to ‘putting the world to right’ and discuss on an idealistic view of the future ……..sound familiar? You too can re-enact the process, this time in the surroundings of B&K over a pint.

Mercia 669

Wheat Beer – Witbier

Lichfield’s origin can be traced back to the 7th century monk ‘St. Chad’, who declared “Lyccifield” (Lichfield) his bishops seat in 669, at the centre of what was then known as ‘the Kingdom of Mercia’. St Chad, although himself would have led an austere life of hard work and prayer as is customary for Benedictine monks, would have promoted hospitality and charity, providing decent food and good beer from his monastery. In his honour we have brewed a Witbier, a style whose origins also stem from the Benedictine monasteries

Spellman Sam

English Style Ale – Single Hop Pale Ale

Consider how uninteresting our beer descriptions would be if we were confined to only using simple adjectives such as dark, light, good, fair, etc., but thanks to Lichfield-born Samuel Johnson’s lasting contributions to English literature and whose writings helped shape our rich, illustrious language, we can now express their diversity in ‘gustatory, loquacious and wheedling terms’ – and thanks to Dr Johnson’s creation of the first English dictionary (ranked as one of the greatest single achievements of scholarship), we also know how to spell them!

Wightman Smoke

Stouts & Porters – Smoked Porter

In memory of poor Edward Wightman, the last man in Britain to be burned at the stake (right here in Lichfield) for his radical views, we’ve brewed this rich, smoky, toasted Smoked Porter. From a modern perspective it is obvious that Wightman had gone completely insane, but in early 17th century England the authorities didn’t take kindly to anyone loudly proclaiming they were the Holy Spirit and the Messiah appointed by God as the saviour of the world!


Experience Day

Spend a day learning how to brew beer in our microbrewery with our Head Brewer: Breakfast, Lunch, ample beer tasting and a 5 litre mini keg to take home all included… sound like fun? Click the link to find out more!


Sample 8 different beers (some of which are brewed right on-site in our microbrewery) under the guidance of one of our in-house beer experts. Nibbles and the option to add a B&K burger to finish included!


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